Course Material and FAQ for my Complete Node.js, Express and MongoDB Bootcamp

This repo contains starter files and the finished project files for all the projects contained in the course (complete repo size is 288MB).

Use starter code to start each section, and final code to compare it with your own code whenever something doesn't work!

Plus, I made all the course slides available for download, to make it easier to follow along the theory videos.

👇 Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) carefully before starting the course 👇


Q1: How do I download the files?

A: If you're new to GitHub and just want to download the entire code, hit the green button saying "Code", and then choose the "Download ZIP" option.

Q2: I'm stuck in one of the projects. Where do I get help?

A: Have you actually tried to fix the problem on your own? Have you compared your code to the final code? If you failed fixing your problem, please post a detailed description of the problem to the Q&A area of that video over at Udemy, along with a codepen containing your code. You will get help there. Please don't send me a personal message or email to fix coding problems.

Q3: What VSCode theme are you using?

A: I use Oceanic Next (dimmed bg) for all my coding and course production. Here is my complete VSCode setup.

Q4: Can I see a final version of the course projects?

A: Absolutely! The main project is Natours (it even got its own domain ğŸ˜Ž). You can log in with and password test1234. There is also an API at /api, with documentation available here (incomplete). The small Node.js introduction project is Node Farm.

Q5: Videos don't load, can you fix it?

A: Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about it. The course is hosted on Udemy, and sometimes they have technical issues like this. Please just come back a bit later or contact their support team.

Q6: Videos are blurred / have low quality, can you fix it?

A: Please open video settings and change the quality from 'Auto' to another value, for example 720p. If that doesn't help, please contact the Udemy support team.

Q7: Are the videos downloadable?

A: Yes! I made all videos downloadable from Udemy so you can learn even without an internet connection. To download a video, use the settings icon in the right bottom corner of the video player. Videos have to be downloaded individually.

Q8: I want to put the project in my portfolio. Is that allowed?

A: Absolutely! Just make sure you actually built it yourself by following the course, and that you understand what you did. What is not allowed is that you create your own course/videos/articles based on this course's content!

Q9: I love your courses and want to get updates on new courses. How?

A: First, you can subscribe to my email list at my website. Plus, I make important announcements on twitter @jonasschmedtman, so you should definitely follow me there 🔥

Q10: How do I get my certificate of completion?

A: A certificate of completion is provided by Udemy after you complete 100% of the course. After completing the course, just click on the "Your progress" indicator in the top right-hand corner of the course page. If you want to change your name on the certificate, please contact the Udemy support team.

Q11: Do you accept pull requests?

A: No, for the simple reason that I want this repository to contain the exact same code that is shown in the videos. However, please feel free to add an issue if you found one.